8 Key Fashion Trends that will define dressing in 2022 (Summer 22)

The Beginning of summer reminds us that dressing is a considered art. As much as we adore the Australian sun, the heat transforms February into a season of repeat wardrobes. The T-shirt and dress-and-sandals formula has been on repeat when faced with hot weather. But with Autumn on the horizon, t’s time to practice layering, and begin to experiment with the many different layering techniques we are bound to conduct with outerwear, prints and textured knits in cooler temperatures.

There is no literal crystal ball for the autumn ahead, but it’s always possible to fashion one from a variety of sources. The shows for spring/summer ’22/’23 saw developments in style take place on both the runway and the Parisian cobblestones; so too did all Fashion Week street style images, which offer a forecast of the trends we’ll be adopting into our wardrobes from March to May.

Oversized jackets, utilitarian trousers and head coverings continue to grow in popularity, a nod to increasingly outdoorsy. It’s not all dystopian, however. Spot symptoms of ‘twee’ fever in a newfound love of buckled Mary Janes, both flat and platformed, and pleated tennis skirts.

Here, Are the 8 key trends to adopt this Autumn. 

1. Quilted jackets

2. Pleated minis

3. Maxi Skirts 

4. Cargo Pants

5. Platform Heels

6. Mary Janes

7.Cut Outs Continued

8.90s Nostalgic continued


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