Jordan's debut collection was inspired by 90s fashion, one that is associated with nylon backpacks, pleated skirts, and the power suit—to name but a very few of the pop culture hits.

Between the buzz of haute couture ateliers and the basements of underground clubs like Save the Robots, it is hard to imagine anyone saw daylight in 1990s New York. From 1989 to 1993, British photographer Nick Waplington documented the extroverted yet exacting designer Isaac Mizrahi during his high fashion zenith, surrounded by supermodel muses such as Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. In The Isaac Mizrahi Pictures, the supercharged ego of fashion is juxtaposed with the gritty id of the city’s club scene. Scenes of Mizrahi obsessively ruffling pleats of black formalwear dresses and adjusting mint green capes on a 22-year-old Naomi Campbell during Fashion Week are met with club kids dancing in foot-high platform boots.

Jordan's debut collection is inspired by New York in the 90s. From uptown glamour to downtown debauchery, each image is drenched in spontaneity and devoid of net-native self-consciousness. They are odes to being in the moment without broadcasting it to the world. 

Jordan “in her own words a woman who first resisted... then accepted...and then embraced the role of fashion designer… a woman who challenged traditional notions of beauty and luxury.”